Welcome to Lady Gregory's
Named after the passionate, complex Irish author. We built her soul into our Andersonville nook and hope you stop by to experience our special spot.

Floor-to-ceiling windows beckon you in …whether you’re just walking by and feeling peckish or bringing your whole brood in for a night of food
and fun, our cozy and sophisticated atmosphere will entice you. Our menu, filled with distinctive specialties, will comfort and delight you. And you might be pleasantly surprised to see our emphasis on farm-to-table, sustainable, local ingredients.
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We take tremendous pride in building a sophisticated menu with the latest in gourmet sensibility. “We want to serve comfort food in the traditional sense that it feels easy …and you feel relaxed,” says Chef Henry Pariser. “But expected dishes were given a little tune up with refined flavors and distinctive ingredients … and what you get is extra delicious. Chef Pariser works directly with his suppliers, lovingly selecting each ingredient. So you know he’s created each menu item with the utmost quality, and the highest level of care. Our servers will walk you through the story behind each dish, helping you select meal choices you’ll remember, favorites you’ll crave. We’re conscious of your needs, and offer a wide selection of vegetarian and gluten-free delights.

Our entry to Andersonville wasn’t guaranteed since a devastating fire threatened to stop us in our tracks. But we righted the Lady’s course, and now our uncommon menu items are certain to quickly become your new obsession.